Stretch limousines and classic Silver Clouds are parked along the parapet. The doorman beckons and you enter a vast expanse of palatial carpeting and crystal chandeliers. Before you reach your destination of green velvet you are offered complimentary drinks three times, but something else is on your mind: counting cards to beat the dealer.

Welcome to the world of Dr. Black Jack! This isn't just a computerized version of blackjack. It's a school where the stern and pirate-like Dr. Black Jack teaches his methods for beating a game that has lead many a person to ruin. In fact, Dr. Black Jack suggests you limit your wagers to the bits and bytes within your home computer. When your losses stack up in this game, all you need to do is reset the game. When your losses stack up in a casino, you might need to reset your life.

So, safe and snug within your own computerized casino, let Dr. Black Jack describe his two favorite systems. If you choose Learn Basic Strategy and Learn Counting Strategy from the Options menu, Dr. Black Jack will coach you as you play.

Have fun! Dr. Black Jack is just arriving now. He drives a 1964 Avanti, listens only to Dave Brubeck while on the road, hasn't missed Carnival in Rio since 1959, only crosses the Atlantic by ship, and keeps a Bentley in Luxembourg for use while gaming on the Continent.

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