Since Dr. Black Jack prefers casino play, casino rules are used in his electronic world.

  • Bets are placed before any cards are dealt.
  • The value of a hand is the total of the ranks of the cards in the hand.
  • Aces can be ranked as 1 or 11, depending on your hand. For example, six, four, and an ace are worth 21. Seven, four, and an ace are worth 12 (if the ace is counted as 11, your score goes over 21 and you bust).
  • A blackjack, or natural, is an ace and a face card in the first two cards dealt. It is worth 21, and wins the bet at once, unless the dealer is also dealt a blackjack.
  • You can draw as many cards as you wish. If your hand is worth more than 21, you lose the hand and your bet. If your hand is worth less than 21, and more than the dealer's hand, you win.
  • The dealer must draw a card if he's holding a value of 16 or under.
  • The dealer must stay if he's holding a value of 17 or over.
  • In the case of a tie, no one wins and it's called a push.
  • Blackjacks are paid off at one and a half times the bet.
  • You can buy insurance against a blackjack by the dealer when the dealer shows an ace.
  • If you are dealt two cards of equal rank, you can choose the Split button to split them, and play each as a separate hand. The exception is aces: Split aces get one more card (two total), and then the dealer plays.
  • You can double down on any hand. If you double down, you double your bet and receive just one more card.

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