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Dreamlords is a MMOG massively multiplayer real-time strategy (MMORTS) game, developed by Lockpick Entertainment. Dreamlords is online only, and is free to play with an option to pay for additional benefit. It includes in-game currency called Tribute that is used to buy items like spells to aid the players.

The game uses both a browser game and a downloadable real-time strategy client. Dreamlords also includes elements of role-playing games.

Dreamlords was acquired for North American release in July 2008 by Aeria Games and Entertainment. A German version of the game was published by gamigo in July 2007. The game was re-launched in July 2008 with new features and the new sub-title "The Re-Awakening".

The Aeria Games site and the Gamigo site have since closed.[citation needed]


In the web-based game, players are given a section of land under their control. Tasks such as founding cities, researching technologies, building structures, and engaging in trade are accomplished through the web interface.

With a downloaded client, the Dreamlords client functions similar to a real-time strategy game. The client is used primarily to fight battles and do quests.


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