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Druids are a character class in RPG/MMORPGS. They are primarily a healing/damage class and worship a greater spirit of a tree or other forest gods.

The lore associated with the druid class typically revolves around nature and druids are typically cast as caretakers of the forests.


There are two druid subtypes in EverQuest, Warden and Fury.

World of Warcraft

Night Elves, Worgen, Trolls, and Tauren have the Druid class. The Cenarian is a group of Night Elf/Tauren druids who have formed to rebirth places of chaos and terror. Druids can shift between elf form, to various other forms, such as flight form, tree form, moonkin form, cat form, bear form, swim form, and travel form. At level 10, a player can choose which path their Druid takes by selecting their main talents. There is a choice between 3 different talents: Restoration, Balance, and Feral. Restoration is for healing, Balance is for spell dps, and Feral can either be used for bear form tanking, or cat form dps.

Diablo II

The Druids are a race of nomadic warrior-poet-kings. Driven from their homelands long ago by their Barbarian brothers, the Druid tribes live primarily in the northern forests. Using mystic secrets passed down through the generations, they summon the elements of fire and wind to do their bidding, and command the creatures of the forest to aid them in battle. Shifting from their human forms into that of wild beasts, gives them abilities far beyond those of other mortals.

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