Duel Terminals are arcade machines designed and created by Konami, in order to introduce the new game mechanics in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, that were introduced with the animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's to new and existing players. They also have a card scanner, which can scan any card that a player has gotten from a Duel Terminal, making it usable in the game.


In the game, you can either play an Action Duel, which is a collection of mini games, similar to the Mario Party series, or a Speed Duel, which is a simplified version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. After a player has finished playing a game on the Duel Terminal, the machine will print out a card that is usable in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, and is compatible with the Duel Terminal's card scanner. The player can also choose to receive a card without playing a game.

The cost for one game/card is 100 Yen in Japan or $1 US.

Game modes

There are four modes in each arcade machine:

  1. Action Duel
  2. Speed Duel
  3. Tutorial
  4. Card only Get

Action Duel

The player scans in a Duel Terminal compatible Monster card (or lets the machine select a random card from its database), and faces a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, who also chooses a Monster card, and faces it in a series of mini games. The Monster with the highest Level Stars will usually have the upper hand.

Speed Duel

A simplified version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The player can scan in up to three Duel Terminal compatible cards, and gets a deck based on those cards, or the player can choose a variety of pre-made decks to play with. (All the decks in this mode have 10 virtual cards each.) The player will then choose a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, and then face them in a Duel. Changes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game include:

  1. A player starts with 3000 LP, 3 cards in your hand, 3 monster card zones, and 3 trap and spell card zones.
  2. There is no Field Spell Card Zone in this mode.
  3. When you start your turn, you get a chance to fill a special bar out. When that bar is full, you can scan a Duel Terminal compatible card, and add it to your hand, instead of drawing from your deck.


For players that are using the Duel Terminal for the first time. Seto Kaiba will guide them through a variety of game modes. In this mode, the opponent will always be Joey Wheeler.

Card-Only Get

The machine prints out one Duel Terminal compatible Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game card without a Duel.

Duel Terminal card series

Once in a while, Konami will add a new series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game cards to the arcade machines, replacing the old cards.

Below is a list of Duel Terminal Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game card series:

1. Duel Terminal-Synchro Awakening!!
2. Duel Terminal-Invasion of Worms!!
3. Duel Terminal-Justice Strikes Back!!
4. Duel Terminal-Demon Roar God Revival!!
5. Duel Terminal-Champion of Chaos!!
6. Duel Terminal-Dragunity of Hurricane!!
7. Duel Terminal-Charge of Genex!!

Duel Terminal compatible cards have also been released in Limited Edition Pack 13 and Limited Edition Pack 16, in Japan. The cards in these series consists of both new cards (usually a specific archetype), and reprints of older cards (such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Dark Magician).

Duel Terminal-Synchro Awakening!! (DT01)

This Duel Terminal series introduced the Ice Barrier, Mist Valley, X-Saber, Ally of Justice, Flamvell, and Worm Archetype.

Important cards: Blue Eyes White Dragon, Winged Kuriboh, Red Eyes B. Dragon, Cyber Dragon, Elemental Hero Neos, Wrath of Neos, Reinforcements, Negate Attack, Buster Blader etc.

Duel Terminal-Invasion of Worms!! (DT02)

This Duel Terminal series continued supporting the Ice Barrier, Mist Valley, X-Saber, Ally of Justice, Flamvell, and Worm Archetype.

Important Cards: Nitro Synchron, Gaia the fierce knight, Big Piece Golem, Goyo Guardian, Mystical Space Typhoon, Crystal Raigeki, Nitro Warrior, Dark Resonator, Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus etc.

Duel Terminal-Justice Strikes Back!! (DT03)

This Duel Terminal series continue supporting the Ice Barrier, Mist Valley, X-Saber, Ally of Justice, Flamvell, and Worm Archetype. It also introduce new archetype: Naturia.

Important Cards: Turbo Synchron, Mad Archfiend, Drillroid, Barrel Dragon, Light of Intervention, Metalmorph, Shield Crush, Enemy Controller, A Hero Emerged, No Entry!!, Trap Jammer etc.

Duel Terminal-Demon Roar God Revival!! (DT04)

This Duel Terminal series introduce Jurak, Fiend Roars Deities Archetypes. It continues supporting Genex, Naturia, Mist Valley.

Important Cards: Montage Dragon, Hyper Synchron, Dark Necrofear, Infernal Dragon, Card trooper, Goblin Zombie, Twilight Rose Knight, Mark of the Rose, Hammer Shot, Magical Mallet, Axe of Despair, Big Evolution Pill, Trap Hole, Destruction Punch etc.

Duel Terminal-Champion of Chaos!! (DT05)

This Duel Terminal series continue supporting Jurak, Fiend Roars Deities, Ice Barrier, Worm, and Naturia archetypes. It also introduces Real Genex archetype.

Important cards: Black Wing-Bora the Spear, Time Wizard, Junk Synchron, Lava Golem, Elemental-Hero Prisma, Dark Paladin, Elemental-Hero Flame Winged Man, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, Burial form a different dimension, Widespread Ruins, Threatening Roar, Smashing Ground, Shadow Spell, Noble Man of Cross-out, Compulsory Evacuation Device etc.

Duel Terminal-Dragunity of Hurricane (DT06)

It introduces Dragunity and Dragunity Knight archetype. It also support Jurak, Fiend Roars Deities, Ice Barrier, Worm, Naturia, Real Genex, and Genex

Important Cards: Debris Dragon, Kurebon, Destiny-Hero Malicious, Elemental-Hero Stratos, Green Baboon Defender of Forest, Golden Ladybug, Elemental-Hero Shinning Flare Winged Man, Cyber Twin Dragon, The Shallow Grave, United We Stand, Book of Moon, Brain Control, Destiny Draw, Skill Drain, Waboku, Ultimate Offering, Pixie Ring, Archfiend of Gilfer etc.

Duel Terminal-Charge of Genex (DT07)

This Duel Terminal series introduces Ally Genex and Fiend Roar Deity Beast Archetype. It also continues supporting Jurak, Naturia, Dragunity and Dragunity knight Archetypes.

Important Cards: Cyber Dark Horn, White Night Dragon, Polymerization, The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, Royal Oppression, Arcana Knight Joker, Elemental-Hero Darkbright, Elemental-Hero Necroshade, Limiter Removal, Divine Wrath, Icarus Attack, Nightmare Penguin, Botanical Lion, Rigorous Reaver, Discord, Blade Knight, Warrior Lady of Waste Land, Different Dimension Dragon


See: Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game more information.


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