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Duke Nukem: Land of The Babes is a 2000 video game in the Duke Nukem series of video games. This game is a direct sequel to the 1998 title, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.


Set mostly in a dystopian future, the game begins in modern day Los Angeles, when Duke is interrupted at a strip club by the sudden teleportation of women and Pig Cops. After a gun battle, Duke uses the teleportation device to travel forwards through time, where he is greeted by a woman - a member of the Unified Babe Resistance - who explains that in the future aliens have invaded earth, killed all men and enslaved all women. The Unified Babe Resistance has avoided the aliens thus far, and have sent for Duke to fight off the aliens. The game has a linear story mode that focuses more on tactical maneuvering than on the gung-ho jumping and shooting in other Duke games; it also includes a two player death match in rooms similar to some the game's environments.

The gameplay and objectives initially involve Duke:

  • Trying to reach the surface & save the babes.
  • Bringing down the ship of General Silverback.
  • Chasing Silverback underwater.
  • Disrupting alien advances and killing Silverback.
  • Transporting to an alien base and wrecking it.
  • Stealing a spaceship.
  • Flying to a galactic base.
  • Rescue missions on imprisoned women.
  • Confronting the alien overlord.
  • Running a gauntlet.
  • Killing the alien overlord.
  • Repopulating the planet.

Legal problems

  • This game was originally called Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes, and indeed some initial advertising bore that name. However, at the time the 2001 movie version of Planet of the Apes was under production. The producers of the movie felt that the game's title was too close to their product, and threatened GT Interactive and 3D Realms, hence the game's name change.
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North American Release19 September 2000 +
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PlayStation Release19 September 2000 +
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