Duke Nukem: Zero Hour continues the third-person shooting trend first seen in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. The story of the game is as follows: Aliens are up to their mischief again, this time ruining mankinds history and trying to kill Duke's ancestors, cause they know Duke Nukem is going to try and blow them up anyway. The game controls like Turok, using the C-buttons in place of WASD to move around & strafe.

Duke will race through big levels, opening doors, picking up over 20 weapons, have trouble finding save points, and killing enemies through several time periods Zero Hour: Present Day (actually set some time in the near future), Post-Apocalypse, Wild West and Victorian Era (London, 1888). In multiplayer, up to 4 people can fight in a deathmatch, king of the hill, team deathmatch, or last man standing. If you've got the accessories, you can use the expansion pak to make the graphics high res, or have the controller vibrate with the rumble pak.