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All codes are typed in on the keyboard during normal play.


  • dncornholio or dnkroz - God mode and permanent Jetpack
  • WARNING: Even if God mode is activated, Duke can still die if he is crushed or if he enters an outer-space sector without protection. In E4M10 (Atomic Edition), God mode will also not protect against the final nukage river encountered en route to the final boss.
  • dnhyper - Gives and uses Steroids
  • dnkeys - Gives all keys
  • dnscottyXYY - Warp to Episode X, Level YY
  • YY must be two digits, including a leading 0 if necessary.
  • dnshowmap - Displays full map
  • dnstuff - Full weapons/ammo and keys
  • dnunlock - Opens all doors on the map, including locked ones
  • This cheat does not work in the shareware version.
  • dnweapons - Full weapons/ammo

Not So Useful

  • dnallen - Displays message "Buy Major Stryker"
  • dnbeta - Displays message "Pirates Suck"
  • dncashman - Duke throws money after pressing space
  • dntodd - Displays message "Register Cosmo Today"

Use At Your Own Risk

  • dnclip - No clipping (walk through walls)
  • WARNING: Moving off the defined map with this code active can and will cause unpredictible results, including Duke death (even in God mode) and a game crash.

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