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Dune 2000 is a strategy game set on the planet Arrakis, which is also known as Dune.


The Emperor has set forth a challenge:

"The house who can produce the most spice, will control Dune."

Three factions, or houses contend for control of the planet. There is a constant war between them, and with the sandworms native to the planet. Harvesting operations are over-shadowed by gunfire, as the three houses exchange land control over and over.

  • House Atreides - Noble and true, they fight for justice and their people's security.
  • House Harkonnen - Sadistic and destructive, respects only one thing...power.
  • House Ordos - Sneaky and secretive, the consist mostly of black market merchants, and mercenaries.


The player can choose one of the three houses to lead to victory and control Dune, or play a free-play mode, where the player chooses the number of opponents, whether Worms are turned on or off and more.

Each house has its own special units, e.g. the Atreides can train the special Fremen unit, the Harkonnen can use the Death Hand missile special, and the Ordos can use the Saboteur unit.

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