General Buildings


The building that constructs any building and defense for your base.


Before you construct a building you need to make these, concrete is a 4 slab concrete that strengthens its foundation. Without concrete the health of the building was 1/4 less than of its original health.

Upgraded Concrete

Upgraded Concrete were bigger and by using it you can save precious time building your base. Upgraded Concrete consists of 9 slabs rather than of 4 slabs from Concrete.

Wind Trap

The power plant of your base, without it your base will be in chaos. The more Wind Trap built the more you have power and the more power you have means less time to train units, build vehicles and buildings.


Harvesters put their collection of Spice here in Refinery, the more Refinery built the more Spice will come to your economy.


Train and create your Light Infantry, Trooper, Engineer, Thumper Infantry and even Sardaukar here in Barracks. The Barracks of each houses are unique. The Barracks of Atreides was built with a Hawk shape, the Barracks of Harkonnens was built with a Bull shape and the Barracks of Ordos was built with a Snake shape.


The radar of your base, without it you can't scout your units and never know where's your enemy's base.

Light Factory

Light Factory builds your own Trikes and Quads, Atreides and Harkonnen uses Trikes but Ordos have the Raider. Raider has a greater firepower and speed rather than a Trike.

Heavy Factory

Heavy Factory builds your own Combat Tanks, Siege Tanks, MCVs, Harvesters, Missile Tanks and also each houses can build here with their own special tanks such as Sonic Tanks (Atreides), Devastator Tanks (Harkonnen) and Deviator Tanks (Ordos).

High Tech Factory

High Tech factory builds your own Carryall, Carryall transport any of your vehicles anywhere in the map.

Repair Pad

Repair Pad repairs your damaged vehicles. You can build also MCVs.


Starport can deliver ordered vehicles in a certain period of time (approximately 50 seconds) such as:

  1. Trike
  2. Quad
  3. Harvester
  4. Combat Tank
  5. Siege Tank
  6. Missile Tank
  7. MCV
  8. Carryall

A Total of 6 vehicles, regardless of type or size, can be ordered at a time.

IX Research Building

The IX Research Building is your source of Special Units of the 3 houses. Atreides have the Sonic Tank, Harkonnen have the Devastator Tank and Ordos have the Deviator Tank.

Gun Turret

Gun Turrets are the first defense constructures in all of the 3 houses. Its equipped with a big powerful gun and can knock out any vehicle targets within its range. It can detect cloaked units and the best of its design was Gun Turrets don't need power to operate.

Missile Turret

Missile Turrets are the advanced defense constructures in all of the 3 houses. It is equipped with missiles, have greater range, slower fire rate but have a big damage from both air and land targets. It can also detect cloaked units. But the drawback of it is Missile Turrets needs too much energy meaning if your base was low in power Missile Turrets are down.


Walls are to protect fragile and important Buildings, it can also block ways and defend your base. But the drawback is walls cannot be repaired.

Special Buildings

Atreides High Tech Building

Atreides High Tech Building builds their own Carryalls and also when upgraded it can call for an airstrike from 3 of your Ornithopthers anywhere in the map.

Atreides Palace

Atreides Palace can Train 2 Fremen units at a certain time, Fremen units are cloaked and equipped with a powerful rifle capable of killing units easily and do big damage to vehicles and buildings.

Ordos Palace

Ordos Palace trains Saboteurs. Saboteurs are sneaky and stealthy, it can blow up enemy buildings and can be cloaked in a short period of time.

Harkonnen Palace

Harkonnen Palace builds and launches the Death Hand Missile, Death Hand Missile can kill units and vehicles and can raze weak buildings.

Emperor's Palace

Emperor's Palace trains Sardaukar. These special force can easily sweep an entire troops and bases by the help of its big powerful gun.

Smuggler's Heavy factory

As seen on some missions this Heavy Factory is one of a kind, it has a distinct design different in all Heavy Factories of the 3 houses. Entering an Engineer on it, Smugglers will help you in the battle.

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