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These are buildings in the real time strategy game Dune II. Buildings may only be built in rocky zones and connected to another existing building, and are the same for all houses. To protect them from constant wear, the player must place first concrete slabs in the construction areas. Production buildings can be upgraded at a cost several times, allowing the production of more advanced units or buildings.

Support Buildings

Concrete slab


Build cost : 15

Version : All

Foundation of other buildings, prevent wear. Buildings not built on this start with some damage. Later in the game, groups of four can be built at a time.

Construction Yard


Build cost : Deploy an MCV which costs 900

Version : All

Builds all other buildings.

Spice Silo


Build cost : 150

Version : All

Adds spice storing capacity to the base.



Build cost : 500

Version : All

Allows the player to buy units delivered from orbit.



Build cost : 300

Version : All

Wind energy stations that power all other buildings.



Build cost : 400

Version : All

Converts Spice from harvesters to credits and stores a limited quantity of spice.

Radar Outpost


Build cost : 400

Version : All

Allows viewing of unit movements in the explored area of the minimap.

Repair Facility


Build cost : 700

Version : All

Repairs damaged vehicle units. The process of repair takes time and costs money. Only one unit can repaired in the facility at any given moment.

House of IX


Build cost :

Version : PC and Amiga

Makes house specific tanks and ornithopters available.



Build cost : 999

Version : All

Allows use of the house "superweapons" (Death Hand, Saboteur, Fremen).

Production and Training Buildings



Build cost : 400

Version : All

Trains light infantry.



Build cost : 200

Version : All

Trains and arms heavy troopers. Only available for house Harkonnen and Ordos.

Light Vehicle Factory


Build cost :

Version : All

Manufactures light vehicles, such as Trikes and Quads.

Heavy Vehicle Factory


Build cost :

Version : All (in Mega Drive/Genesis manufactures

light and heavy units) Manufactures tanks, rocket launchers and specific house tanks (Devastator, Deviator, Sonic Tank).

High-tech facility


Build cost : 500

Version : All

Allows production of aerial support non-controllable units, such as Carryalls and Ornithopters. Once the units are built they are appear above the facility and fly independently above the player's base.

Defensive buildings



Build cost : 50

Version : All

A 1x1 wall section that protects buildings. Placing more than one section next to each other will automatically connect them together and create one lasting wall.



Build cost : 125

Version : All

An autonomous turret that tracks and fires bullets at incoming enemies.

Rocket Turret


Build cost : 250

Version : All

A more effective and long-range version of the turret, with a cannon and accurate rockets. Effective against both land and air units and has longer range and more fire power than the regular turret.

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