This page contains Dungeon Siege II cheats, unlockables and exploitable glitches, among other things.

Cheats Codes

Press [Enter] during game play and type [ + ] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code, type [ - ] followed by the code.

Silver ring, weapon, garment
Less chunky
More chunky
Record a movie
Display game version
Glittering Silver Ring of Knowledge (+24 intelligence, +5% Gold Dropped)
Activate developer gallery teleport sequences (Only during game teleports)
Instant kill


Difficulty Modes

Mercenary is the default mode. Higher difficulties will allow more members to join your party.

Veteran Difficulty 
Unlock by beating Mercenary
Elite Difficulty 
Unlock by beating Veteran


Free resurrection scrolls

During the beginning of the game when you still have drevin on your team you come to a bookcase that gives you resurrection scrolls. You can click the bookcase over and over as many times as you want for free scrolls.


Two-handed weapon exploit

Conflict between two-handed weapon and offhand equipment is ignored when you are in spell-casting mode instead of melee attack mode. Therefore two-handed weapons can be equipped together with either a shield or a single-hand weapon (at least until it is patched).

Equip a two-handed weapon together with a shield: 1. Equip a shield, leave your main hand empty 2. Select a spell instead of melee attack as your action 3. Equip a two-handed weapon onto your main hand

Equip a two-handed weapon together with a single-hand weapon: 1. Equip two single-hand weapon onto both hands 2. Select a spell instead of melee attack as your action 3. Remove the single-hand weapon from your main hand, then equip a two-handed weapon onto the main hand

If you wield a two-handed weapon together with a single-hand weapon, you will still be able to initiate Dual-Wield powers such as Wave of Force and Elemental Rage, and at the same time you still benefit from the two-handed weapon skills, such as the chance to stun bonus.

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