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The Dwarven Vows are a series of rules for dwarves to live their lives. Not all of the vows were mentioned in-game, so the list is incomplete.

They are part of the lore of Tales of Symphonia.

Dwarven Vow 1. Let's all work together for the sake of a peaceful world.
Dwarven Vow 2. Never abandon someone in need.
Dwarven Vow 3. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 4. Don't depend on others; walk on your own two feet.
Dwarven Vow 5. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 6. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 7. Goodness and Love will always win.
Dwarven Vow 8. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 9. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 10. Play hard, play lots!
Dwarven Vow 11. Lying is the first step to the path of thievery.
Dwarven Vow 12. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 13. [Unkonwn]
Dwarven Vow 14. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 15. [unknown]
Dwarven Vow 16. You can do anything if you try.
Dwarven Vow 17. [Unknown]
Dwarven Vow 18. It it better to be deceived than to deceive.
Dwarven Vow 24. Never let your feet run faster than your shoes.
Dwarven Vow 32. Cross even a stone bridge after you've tested it.
Dwarven Vow 41. It is better to begin in the evening than not at all.
Dwarven Vow 44. Haste makes waste.
Dwarven Vow 55. A bad workman blames his tools.
Dwarven Vow 108. Let sleeping dogs lie.
Dwarven Vow 134. Compassion benefits no other man.

These are all that are currently known.

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