Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (ガンダム無双2 Gundam Musō 2?) is a tactical action video game based on the Gundam anime series, and the sequel to 2007's Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. It is developed by Koei/Omega Force and is published by Namco Bandai. The game was released in Japan on December 18, 2008, with a North American release on April 21, 2009 and a European release April 24, 2009.

The game was then rereleased in December 17, 2009 in Japan as part of both the Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection and The Best range edition.

Differences from prior games

From previous Dynasty Warriors titles

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam follows in the style of previous Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games as an action-oriented hack and slash with some tactical elements. However, both Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games have unique gameplay mechanics and twists that set them apart from the core Dynasty Warriors series. The greatest of these is the core content: rather than using characters and story from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the games draw their material from across the various Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Another change is the player's choice of pilots and mecha independent of each other, allowing the ability to use any combination of man and machine.

There are also changes in gameplay: players are given more ranged combat options than in other Dynasty Warriors games, although melee combat is still the focus of the game. Units in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam are much more mobile, using their thrusters to dash, jump in mid-air, and (for some) even fly.

From Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

The inclusion of colossal mobile armors serve as some of the game's bosses. In addition, several improvements to enemy AI is enhanced, keeping even the best players on their toes. Also, the ability to perform aerial maneveurs and attacks simultaneously is added. Intermission and briefing scenes now feature complete 2-D illustrations with various outfits for the game's characters. Official Mode, which chronicles the events depicted in the Universal Century calendar of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, expands to include the story in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. Mobile suits making an appearance in the previous game, but were non-playable (such as the Guncannon and Hambrabi), are included in the playable roster for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, along with an enhanced Versus Mode for North American and PAL regions only. Lastly, the option for Japanese Audio on the North American version, found previously in the first game, was taken out.

Game Modes

There are two Modes with the game: Official and Mission Mode. The returning Official Mode features 4 playable pilots and the events set within the continuity of the Universal Century timeline, covering the series of Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ and the movie, Char's Counterattack. However, like the previous game, an original story is still the main focus of the game. The original story is featured within an all-new Mission Mode, where characters are given specific missions to accomplish, such as acquiring parts for various mobile suits (Collection Mission) and reinforcing or defeating other characters to increase friendship status or develop rivalries (Friendship Mission). In order for characters to use other mobile suits they would not use in their timeline or outside their continuity, players must complete License Missions to receive licenses to use other units. Finally, Gallery mode is renamed gallery and library mode in the Japanese version, detailing character biographies, mobile suit and battleship information, movie clips and musical tracks from the various Gundam series themes (Japanese version only) .

Featured Mobile Suits and Series

An early developer interview asserted "the number of mobile suits playable is something like three times that of the first game". The total playable unit count for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is 66 suits, a massive upgrade from the previous game's 19.

Playable Mobile Suits

Although select units may have appeared in the previous title, suits marked with † are new, playable units to the series.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Variations

  • MS-06V Zaku Tank
  • MS-07H Gouf Flight Type †
  • MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type (Johnny Ridden Custom) (Johnny Ridden) †

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Turn A Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Other Suits

Mobile Armor Bosses


  2. Burning Gundam in the international release
  3. Anime series version
  4. Dark Gundam in the international release


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is an upcoming tactical action video game based on the Gundam anime series, and the sequel to 2008's Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. It is developed by Koei/Omega Force and is published by Namco Bandai. The game was currently revealed in the September issue of Famitsu and will be released in winter 2010.

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