EA Montreal is a video game development studio owned and operated by Electronic Arts. The studio is based in Montréal, Québec. It was inaugurated by EA on March 17, 2004 [1]. The studio was founded by Alain Tascan a former Ubisoft and BAM! Entertainment executive. It is one of a few examples where EA created a new studio instead of acquiring one. In 2006 with the acquisition of Jamdat, its Montréal offices were moved to the location of EA Montreal studio. EA Montreal and EA Mobile Montreal are operated separately, however. In 2007, following the split of EA development studios into four labels, EA Montreal became part of EA Games Label (Frank Gibeau, President). EA Montreal is responsible for two original franchises: Boogie and Army of Two as well as other titles where it collaborates with other EA studios.


EA Montreal has several games in their repertoire:


  • VP/General manager: Alain Tascan
  • Producer: Alex Hyder
  • Operations director: Martin Gourdeau
  • Cinematic director: Francois Pelletier
  • Design director: Vander Caballero
  • CTO: Sergei Savchenko
  • Concept designer: Martijn Steinrucken


File:Place Ville-Marie (toit au niveau de la rue) 2005-09-02.jpg

EA Montreal studio is located at 3 Place Ville-Marie, downtown Montréal.

Electronic Arts Montreal Suite 12350 - 3, Place Ville Marie Montréal, QC H3B 5L6


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