ESPN NHL 2K5 is an ice hockey simulation made by ESPN Videogames (now 2K Games) and published on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles. ESPN's Gary Thorne on play-by-play commentary and Bill Clement on color commentary calls all the action.

The game includes an extensive franchise mode where you can perform many team management functions, including hiring staff, managing player contracts, scouting new players and sending players back to minor teams for training. It also includes more traditional game modes like season, playoffs, exhibition and shootout. The game manual is also built into the software.

The 2004's edition of the game also introduces an advanced control setting which allows much more flexible control of your player, using the entire control pad rather than only a few buttons.

The cover of ESPN NHL 2K5, features Tampa Bay Lightning's Martin St. Louis.


burnthe8track - In Full Return
burnthe8track - Two Worlds Apart
burnthe8track - My Own Flag
Calcutta - Consciously Unconscious
Calcutta - Get Away
Calcutta - Driving On
Calcutta - Crimson Sky
Calcutta - Alarms
Calcutta - The World Alone
Concept - Gothic Voices
Concept - Evolution!
Concept - Eternal Life
From Satellite - Fair is Fair
Grinder - Everything
Grinder - All That I Want
Grinder - No Fun
Halfway to Gone - Turnpike
Halfway to Gone - King of Mean
Heads Up - All I Need
Heads Up - A.R.H.
Heads Up - Picture Perfect
Novadriver - Void
Phil Ranelin - Sounds from the Village
Recliner - Making a Friend
Recliner - All Pleasure
Recliner - Bonus Track
Silent But Deadly - Red Ice
Silent But Deadly - Playoff Moustache
Silent But Deadly - Givin' 'Em Lumber
Trans Am - Play in the Summer
The Ultimate Lovers - Rock and Roll Fight

The soundtrack, known in-game as arena music, can also be customizable to the extent that certain arenas can play certain songs at certain times (for example, if the visiting team gets a penalty or when the home team scores a late go-ahead goal).


The controls in the game allow you to have full stick control on both offense and defense. On the offensive side you can control your dekes by moving the right analog stick. This does a deke in the direction the analog stick was pushed. Also on offense when you want to deke out a goalie you hold the preset button(ex: for Advance hold L1+O)and move the stick with the left analog stick and then release to shoot. This provides for exciting dekes, but also on offense you can protect the puck from poke-checking defensemen by hold circle and choosing where you want to protect it with the analog stick. On the other side the defensive stick control allows you to skate backwards and also swing your stick across the ice to hit the puck away from the opposing player.

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