Edolus is a terrestrial planet with an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Edolus's surface is covered by wide deserts of silicate sand, with only a few areas of igneous rock highlands to break the abrasive, dust-choked wind.

Edolus's orbit is congested with debris thrown inwards by the gravity of the gas giant Ontamalca. Due to a high rate of meteor impacts, exploration is highly dangerous.

Note: The Mako can land here.
Points of Interest
Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Missing Marines, Thresher Maw
(UNC: Missing Marines)
2 Initial Salarian, mummified
(UNC: Locate Signs of Battle)
3 Initial Salvage (Crashed probe, Master Electronics)
4 Initial Unmarked on map, burning M29 Grizzly
Mineral Deposits
Location Element Grade
1 Polonium Rare
2 Palladium Heavy
3 Lithium Light

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