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Ehstag was discovered by a joint asari-vorcha exploration team and abandoned shortly thereafter. The planet's light atmosphere of nitrogen and krypton is not overtly hostile to vorcha, but its heat makes it uninhabitable except in expensive habitats. Its low density precludes the presence of many valuable minerals, and so settling the planet was deemed not worth the effort.

Facts about "Ehstag"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.56 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length63.6 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameEhstag +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameEhstag +
NamePageEhstag +
NamesEhstag +
Orbital Distance0.5 AU +
Orbital Period0.4Earth Years +
PageNameEhstag +
PageTypeElement +
Radius6,773 km +
Surface Gravity0.62 G +
Surface Temperature388.15 K (115 °C, 239 °F, 698.67 °R) +

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