El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (エルシャダイ ~アセンション オブ ザ メタトロン~, Eru Shadai: Asenshun obu za Metatoron?) is an action video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles. It is developed and published by Ignition Entertainment. The development is led by Takeyasu Sawaki, whose artistic talents were used in Devil May Cry and Okami.[1] Teasers and trailers can be watched in the official websites. The story is freely inspired from the Book of Enoch and follows Enoch (イーノック Īnokku?), a priest looking for seven fallen angels to prevent a great flood from destroying mankind.[2] He is helped in his quest by Lucifel (ルシフェル Rushiferu?), a guardian angel in charge of the protection of the world who exists outside of the flow of time, and by four Archangels: Raphael (ラファエル Rafaeru?), Uriel (ウリエル Urieru?), Gabriel (ガブリエル Gaburieru?), and Michael (ミカエル Mikaeru?).[2]


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