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Elite Beat Agents was developed by Inis and published by Nintendo

Director: Keiichi Yano

Executive Producer: Satoru Iwata

Producer: Masako Harada, Shinya Saito

Character Design/Illustration: Atsushi Saito

Scenario: Koji Ito

Art Director: Risako Watanabe

Sound: Satoshi Rani

Storyboard/Character Concept: Kotaro Umeji

Voice Acting: Ike Nelson, Helen Morrison, Bianca Allen, Jonathan Sherr, Marcus J. Pittman, Charles Glover, Steven Haynes, Miwa Gardener, Iain Gibb, Will Krahn, Brooke Stephenson, Carolyn Miller, Katie Adler

North American Localization: Nate Bihldorff

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