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Cheat Codes

To enter the codes, press "Enter", type the code and press "Enter" again.

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my name is methos
Full map all resources and build almost instantly
boston food sucks
1000 more food
you said wood
add 1000 wood
add 1000 gold
add 1000 rock
add 1000 iron
all your base are belong to us
add 100,000 of all resources
the big dig
Lose all resources
takes away all food
uh, smoke?
No wood
boston rent
No gold
mine your own business
No rock
takes away all iron
asus drivers
Full map
somebody set up us the bomb
Win game
Lose game
Remove objects from map
I have the power
Full energy for all units with special attacks
the quotable patella
Allows units to go up to level 10
coffee train
Completes buildings being constructed and heals all units
Everything will build almost instantly
Allows you to see the fish
Friendly skies
Refill your planes
Show map

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