In the first two Red Alert games, Japan is unaligned with either faction nor a major power. As an unintended result of the Soviet Union going back in time to eliminate Einstein, the Empire of the Rising Sun came into being and become a major force in Red Alert 3. They are enemies with both the Soviets and the Allies and believe it is their right to rule the world. Utilizing advanced technology, such as samurai with lightsaber-like katanas, giant transforming mecha, ninjas, a psionic schoolgirl, and submersible planes. While the Empire initially holds the upper hand against the Allies and the Soviets since it attacked them when they were at their weakest from fighting each other, the two archenemies join forces and beat back the Empire. Despite the Soviets backing out of the alliance, the Empire is defeated by the Allies. In the Empire's campaign Uprising Expansion, the Empire drives the Allies and Soviets out of Japan and reestablishes itself as a global superpower, but it isn't known yet whether this campaign is canon. The Empire's possess the strongest navy of the 3 factions in Red Alert 3, though it has the weakest air force.

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