This is a guide of what to work on in Encyclopedia Gamia. This page is used to indicate what needs to be fixed and maintenance issues.

Objectives since wikia move

Videogame series

We are currently creating articles that relate to a video game series such as characters maps and items. You can help by adding or creating pages that relate to these series such as codes, credits, soundtracks, characters ...etc. Category:Video game series is where all the different video game series are.

Significant VG series stubs:

The following VG series are significant and needs lots more information.


We are currently working on filling the Game list for several game consoles. To do this we must create a page and have the general information for each game which can be filled out in the Infobox.

Currently we are working on these game list:

Indexes for Games, Companies, and Hardware currently exist and should be maintained/updated on a daily basis.

Merge stuff

Things to create or fix

Pages that can be improved

  • Dead ends: pages that don't link to any other pages.
  • Orphaned pages: pages that have no other pages linking to them. These can't be found via links! They need your help!
  • Stub pages: these are fledgling articles that need more work.
  • Needs Content: Please add more specific information to these articles

Pages that need to be fixed

  • Borrowed from Wikipedia: Please rewrite or edit so it is different from Wikipedia's article.
  • Unused images: If you find a place for these images, add them because they are not being used. If there is no place for an image (i.e. it is irrelevant), it may be deleted (or tagged for deletion).
  • Clean up: These pages need to be cleaned up
  • Needs graphics: These pages need pictures go find them and upload them

Redirect problems

  • Double Redirects: These are redirects that lead to another redirect please direct them to an article
  • Broken Redirects: These redirects lead to nonexistent pages please make a page for them


  • Wanted pages: pages that are linked to but do not exist yet (don't go creating these pages unless there is actual content for the pages).
  • Wanted Files: links to files that currently do no exist such as images and videos (mostly affects Wikipedia imports in which the original filename does not match the current one, or any).