Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (released as Epic Mickey: The Power of 2 in Europe) is a platform video game, the sequel to Epic Mickey. The game has a companion called Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the Nintendo 3DS.[4] With the closure of Junction Point Studios in late January 2013 the possibility of future installments of the series was left in doubt.[5]


Like its predecessor, Epic Mickey 2 takes place in a world based on classic and retired Disney characters and attractions. The story begins sometime after the conclusion of the original Epic Mickey, with Oswald and the other Wasteland characters starting to rebuild their world. A series of earthquakes threaten to undo the work, but the Mad Doctor appears and convinces Oswald to join forces and combat the new menace. So Gus, the leader of the Gremlins, and Ortensia, Oswald's girlfriend/wife, contact Mickey Mouse and bring him into the world. Mickey and Oswald team up to save the forgotten world (since only their combined powers can restore it).

The gameplay in Epic Mickey 2 closely resembles that of the original. One of the biggest updates is the addition of Oswald as a supporting character for Mickey; Oswald can either be controlled by the computer or a second player. Oswald uses a remote control in the same basic method as Mickey uses his paintbrush, to attack or befriend enemy characters and to alter the environment as needed to complete tasks. Oswald also has many other abilities, such as flying with his ears, taking off his leg, using his arms as boomerangs, etc. There are also some special abilities that can only be used when Mickey and Oswald are working together.


The game is set some time after the original Epic Mickey, in the land of Wasteland, home to forgotten and rejected Disney characters. Following a series of violent earthquakes, the Mad Doctor, the secondary antagonist and key villain of the first game, resurfaces and claims to have mended his ways, and that a violent species, the Blotworx, is on its way to attack Wasteland, offering to defend the kingdom from them. However, Ortensia, Oswald's girlfriend/wife, and Gus, the leader of the Gremlins, become suspicious of the Mad Doctor's true intentions, and send a signal to Mickey Mouse in the Cartoon World. Mickey quickly retrieves his brush and returns to Wasteland.

As Mickey and Oswald travel through Wasteland, they run into the Mad Doctor many times, and it becomes increasingly evident that his seemingly innocent wish to be a Toon holds more secrets than he is letting on. The duo have to save him from a giant mechanical Blotworx dragon that attacked him for unknown reasons when he visited Disney Gulch, an area recently uncovered after the Thinner seas receded, and he swears that he is not responsible for the earthquakes and that the menace lives among them. He shows the group his robotic parts, which have begun to break down - he claims he wants to put right everything he did wrong before dying.

Eventually, the pair trace the damages back to Gremlin Prescott, the grumpy caretaker of Wasteland's Gag Factory, who had become vengeful and begun to believe that his technical talents were wasted on the Wastelanders. Prescott single-handedly sabotaged the Wasteland projector system and built a large mechanical replica of his head, to knock Mickey out of the picture and take his Brush. Despite Gus' protests that it is against a Gremlin's nature to harm another, Prescott is eventually sent to jail, but the earthquakes do not let up. The Mad Doctor publically frames Prescott as the cause of the earthquakes on the Wasteland television network, and all are convinced except for Mickey, and Oswald who begins to resent the Mad Doctor after the Wastelanders begin to look up to him as their leader instead of Oswald. Whilst visiting Prescott in jail, the group overhears him murmuring something about a 'World of Evil' to himself, and the group decides to investigate. Meanwhile, the Mad Doctor announces that he is going to build a new attraction on Mean Street to celebrate the 'fall of the menace'.

Further exploration of Wasteland reveals a secret link to Autotopia, a land dismissed as lost to the Thinner seas. Here, Mickey and Oswald find several siphons extracting Guardians, spirits with the power to render objects Toon or inert, from the ground. After disposing of these, the pair happen upon a secret projector which takes Mickey and Oswald through the 'Wonderful World of Evil', a cartoon of the Mad Doctor's own creation. Here, they learn several key facts about the Mad Doctor; he survived his fight with Mickey and crash-landed in the Gulch, where he set up a lab. It was he who created the Blotworx - they were originally intended to serve as an army for him to take revenge on Wasteland, and he used his Gulch laboratory as a facility to mass produce them, but once they began to malfunction and attack the Mad Doctor, he was forced to unleash them onto Wasteland. Subsequently, the damage he sustained from these escapades caused his animatronic parts to fall apart, and so he began looking for a way to become a Toon again, gaining the trust of the Wastelanders to buy himself time, therefore saving himself at the expense of Wasteland.

The 'cartoon' takes them to the supposedly abandoned attic of the Mad Doctor in Lonesome Manor, where they are surprised to find several machines still at work, and what appears to be a modified TV studio. Oswald eventually finds the Mad Doctor's personal diary. Upon reading it, the truth is revealed: The Mad Doctor orchestrated a master plan to simultaneously escape and destroy Wasteland behind the scenes while Mickey and Oswald went after Prescott, who he set up. He tricked Prescott into turning his back on Wasteland and building a large television device, which the Mad Doctor then stole and used to broadcast his home-made TV show, 'Wonderful World of Evil', to the Cartoon World. This new-found fame would have allowed him to leave Wasteland, but he hit a flaw - his Toon parts were interfering with his animatronics, rendering him unable to go anywhere. To rectify this, he set up the Guardian siphons in Autotopia (which caused the surge in quake activity), then pretended to have reformed to gain their trust and have them turn him back into a Toon, at which point he would be able to escape Wasteland and leave it to be destroyed by the remaining Blotworx; it would fall into ruin without the power of the Guardians.

With this knowledge, the group confront the Mad Doctor, who admits to being evil all along and threatens to render Ortensia and the other Toons, who he has held captive, inert. He attempts to take the Brush from Mickey in order to conquer the Cartoon World upon escaping Wasteland, but he and Oswald fight back and eventually defeat the Mad Doctor's 'ride' that was actually a huge contraption intended to destroy Wasteland. As the Mad Doctor dangles over a Thinner pool, Oswald goes to save his life but the Mad Doctor tries to drag Oswald and Mickey with him. In the "Paint" path Mickey shows mercy to the Mad Doctor by using paint to bring the latter to his senses and save them and, for his good deed, the Paint Guardians restore him to full Toon form, saying in song that "that's what heroes do". The Mad Doctor is then redeemed and proceeds to, truthfully, help restore Wasteland to its former glory. In the "Thinner" path Mickey instead sprays thinner onto the Mad Doctor and Oswald and Mickey save the Thinner Guardians and leave the Mad Doctor to his doom. In both paths the heroes return to Mean Street, where the Toons all celebrate Mickey and Oswald's victory with an elaborate parade of the duo's major choices, which all of the Wastelanders attend. Mickey looks out over a fireworks display over Dark Beauty Castle, and Yen Sid tells him that while he and Oswald may not know what is to come, together they will be able to conquer it all.

After the credits, the Petes of Wasteland are seen taking Prescott with them through a projector screen, presumably having plans for him.


On August 27, 2011, Destructoid posted an article that speculated that a sequel, Epic Mickey 2, is in development and showed possible box art for the game.[6] These rumors were further encouraged when Disney France and Warren Spector invited the French media to an "epic project" taking place on March 27, 2012. Nintendo Power magazine also commented on the rumor, stating that their April 2012 issue would include a "top-secret" title preview, with the preview for the issue showing a cropped down picture of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Game Trailers also stated that their March 22, 2012 episode would include a "world-exclusive preview of Warren Spector's new epic adventure" and that it would be "notably significant".[7] Warren Spector himself also commented on the game's development, revealing that he had "a team of over 700 people working on the sequel".[8] Following this, on March 20, 2012, the official French Nintendo magazine posted a comment on Twitter, revealing that Disney had plans to create a companion to the main sequel for the 3DS, under the name Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.[9]

Warren Spector, on March 21, 2012, officially confirmed the rumors, revealing the sequel's title to be Epic Mickey: Power of Two.[10] Spector also directly addressed the camera issues that reviewers criticized in the first game, stating that "They'll be working on it until the day we ship the second game. (There have been) over 1,000 specific changes made to the camera. Our goal is that you will not have to touch the manual camera controls even once to play through the main story path of this game."

Spector also revealed that the game was to include voice acting and musical numbers, both of which were absent in the first game. Spector said: "I'm such a geek about musicals, I love the co-op and next-gen stuff, but for me, when a character breaks into song, which they do on a regular basis in this game, it's magic."

Spector also commented on the sequel's co-op features, stating that: "It's drop-in, drop-out co-op, you can sit down at any time with a friend who is playing as Mickey, and you can take control of Oswald. If you're playing as a single player, Oswald will be there every second of the game. He's not just a multiplayer character, he's a helper, whether you're playing alone or with a friend or family member." Wasteland itself will feature old areas ruined by earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as new areas such as Disney Gulch, based on Disneyland's Frontierland.[11]

12 screenshots for the upcoming game were released on October 4, 2012. Fans long speculated that the recently-located Oswald cartoon Hungry Hobos (1928) would appear as an unlockable, but the final game included the Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance (1929) instead.

On March 18, 2013, the UK division of Disney Movie's announced via Twitter that Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two would be receiving a port to Sony's PlayStation Vita platform. The Vita version will be developed by Blitz Game Studios (in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment), which has already dealt with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game. Was announced that this version will be optimized especially for the Vita and that the defects of the original version will be placed, in particular the frame-rate and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, boasts of a co-op online or ad-hoc.[12]

Japanese magazine Famitsu confirms that the game will arrive in Japan exclusively on Nintendo's consoles on September 26, 2013. The Nintendo 3DS sister title Power of Illusion (renamed as Mickey’s Marvelous Adventure) will arrive with The Power of Two on the same day in Japan. It is currently unknown whether Nintendo will handle publishing the games, as they did with previous title Epic Mickey in Japan.[2]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings (Wii) 67.60%[13]
(X360) 60.80%[14]
(PS3) 57.83%[15]
(WIIU) 55.42%[16]
Metacritic (Wii) 64/100[17]
(X360) 59/100[18]
(PS3) 59/100[19]
(WIIU) 57/100[20]
Review scores
Publication Score

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two received mixed reviews, with most complaints being the game not fixing issues that were present in the original. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Wii version 67.60% and 64/100,[13][17] the Xbox 360 version 60.80% and 59/100[14][18] the PlayStation 3 version 57.83% and 59/100[15][19] and the Wii U version 55.42% and 57/100.[16][20] Nintendo Power gave the game a 7/10. GameInformer gave the game a 5.75/10 saying "The mouse falls flat."


By the end of 2012, Epic Mickey 2 sold 529,000 copies in the United States.[21] By the end of 2010, its predecessor had sold at least 1.3 million.[22] In a recent interview, Warren Spector stated that he was 'in doubt' about the future of the series.[23] Despite heavy advertising and moderate critical success, the game barely sold a quarter of the copies the original did, making it a commercial bomb (its sales were scoped at around 2 million), despite being available on multiple platforms. Following these financial losses, Disney made an official statement on January 29, 2013 that Junction Point Studios was to be closed in order to direct resources to other projects. It is revealed that Disney still owns the Epic Mickey IP, but has no plan for the series.[5]


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