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Euntanta is remarkably close to Earth. Its orbital distance is similar, and while slightly larger, its reduced density yields similar mass, atmospheric pressure, and gravity. There the similarities end, for Lusarn is a hot class F star, emitting over eight times the energy of Sol. Euntanta is a parched wasteland, its water long since boiled away into its nitrogen-carbon dioxide atmosphere.

A handful of mining outposts dot the hellishly hot surface. The crews remain in underground bunkers, sending remotely controlled machines out at night to do surface work and load cargo for shipment.

Facts about "Euntanta"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.98 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length24.2 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameEuntanta +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameEuntanta +
NamePageEuntanta +
NamesEuntanta +
Orbital Distance1.04 AU +
Orbital Period0.3 Earth Years +
PageNameEuntanta +
PageTypeElement +
Population230 +
Radius7,740 km +
Surface Gravity1.0 G +
Surface Temperature688.15 K (415 °C, 779 °F, 1,238.67 °R) +

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