EverQuest: Underfoot is the 16th expansion to the MMORPG EverQuest.

General Information

Within the fictional storyline of the game, the afterlife world of Brell's Rest, where worthy worshipers of the god Brell go after leaving Norrath, erupts with conflict between the gnolls and the kobolds.


  • Expansion Progression Window: Players can now see how far they have gone through the expansion's progression and what is left to accomplish.
  • Achievement System: Players can now track and display their overall progress through the world of Norrath.
  • Focus Target Window: This separate window will allow players to add specific targets for easier party/raid monitoring and management.
  • New quests, spells, armor, and more new weapon models than any previous expansion.
  • 12 new zones with brand new quests, raids, etc.
  • All Inclusive: The download-only expansion also contains all 15 previous expansions as well.


Zones Added

Arthicrex, Brell's Arena, Brell's Rest, Brell's Temple, Convorteum, Cooling Chamber, Fungal Forest, Kernagir, the Shining City, Lichen Creep, Pellucid Grotto, The Foundation, The Underquarry, Volska's Husk


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