Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles is a platform game developed by Ubisoft and In Utero for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Windows.


The game takes control over a young orphan called Cyprien, who is taken to a nightmarish world and possesses the ability to transform into a Super version of himself.His alter-ego, Supercyp aids him in his journey to Loren Darith to free his teddy bear, Lenny.


The story begins with Cyprien at his orphanage staring at his reflection of himself in the bathroom. His buddy, Dave enters the room and tells him to come out into the main room. It is Cyprien's birthday. Cyprien's other friends, Vince, Joey, and Steve are waiting for him. He enters the room, completely apathetic and depressed. Steve explains that Cyprien's parents had died on his birthday and Cyprien leaves the room.

He is greeted by Lenny, his teddy bear and imaginary friend. Cyprien, already irritated with the flood of questions from his friends, becomes hysterical and tells Lenny that he is only a toy, and condemns Lenny's world (Undabed) to oblivion.

Cyprien begins to laugh and the room darkens, Lenny disappears and Cyprien's friends are being grabbed by dark shadowy tentacles. After the havok subsides, Cyprien awakens from his unconscious state and cannot find Lenny. He is then teleported to Undabed, and is greeted by Wilbur, a friend of Lenny's.

Wilbur then explains that a great wave swept everything away and a massive tower (Loren Darith) appeared, and in that tower lived a hideous creature named the "Master". The Master manipulated the people of Undabed by erasing all traces of the past and entrusted a key to the people of Demi Island, called "The Great Zippete".

Lenny went to Demi Island to obtain that very key, and is nearly been able to get it. However, the Master's troops arrested Lenny before he could get his hands on it.

The Master took control of Demi Island by convincing the Demi people (whose bodies are split in two) that their bodies were once whole, and took away the Zippete and lied that it was vestige of when the Demi's where whole. The Master then divided the Zippete into four pieces, each scattered on 4 different worlds. It is then up to Cyprien to acquire the 4 parts of the Great Zippete, and free Lenny.


Evil Twin was released in Europe only, and it also was one of the last PAL Dreamcast released games with a version distributed by BigBen Interactive. The game was exclusive to Game Stores Group. It was also released for PlayStation 2 in December 2001.

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