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Excite Truck is a 2006 Racing video game for the Nintendo Wii. It is a spin-off and reboot of the popular 1985 NES game Excite Bike.


The utilizes the Wii Remote held sideways, with the 1 and 2 buttons held to the right and the directional pad to the left.

Control/Directional Pad: Used to fire the turbo boost to greatly increase your truck's speed. All directions activate the same command.

  • A: Used to reset position
  • +: Used to pause the game.
  • 1: Used to brake and move in reverse.
  • 2: Used to accelerate

In addition, the positional sensors in the Wii Remote are used for navigation. Players holds the Wii Remote with its "face" facing upwards. By tilting the Wii Remote clockwise and counterclockwise (from the perspective of holding the Wii Remote out in front of you), you can steer your truck to the right and left, respectively. When airborne, tilting the Wii Remote forward and backward will angle the pitch of your truck in midair.


Reception & Legacy

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