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Though this book has been severely damaged by exposure to the elements, large parts of it are surprisingly legible.

Included in its pages are translations of the runic language used by the ancient Netherese.

The remainder seems to be the personal journal of an unnamed explorer who had come to this region determined to find an ancient Netherese temple which he referred to as 'the Ruins of Gur-Atol'.

The last page is of particular interest and reads:

"I've decided to camp in the forest, tonight. Whatever has happened in Charwood, it's something I certainly don't want to get involved in. The villagers there are frightening and will be no help in my search for the temple. It's best I just avoid them entirely.

"Resting in the forest will not be much better, however. To think I scoffed at the tales I was told of it being haunted. It is so eerily silent... yet I will not be deterred. The secret portal that leads into the Ruins of Gur-Atol must be in this area... and I WILL find it. If I am right, the treasure that will still be there will make all these long months worthwhile."

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