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F4, formerly known as F4-Toys, is a French video game developer based in Paris. The company is located near the Champs Élysées.

List of games

  • 2002 Pocket Castle (prototype)
  • 2003 Trium Planeta (prototype)
  • 2004 Castle! Castle! (prototype)
  • 2005 Stardust Academy (prototype)
  • 2005 Lafuma Unlimit
  • 2006 Eco - Battle with Detritus
  • 2007 Lafuma Unlimit 2
  • 2008 Exalight, a massively multiplayer online racing game.
  • 2008 Empire of Sports: first massively multiplayer (MMO) sport game and virtual worldfr:F4 (entreprise)

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