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Possibly fake

The following cheats could not be verified.

Supa Cheat that unlocks a special team called Ducks United which features great playes like wayne rooney duck version plus all Playes are 99.The Code is =UNLOCKDADUCKS. &nbsp Cheat to play on the space pitch=PITCHONDAMOON

Cheat to unlock January tranfer sales update=JANSALEUPDATE

Cheat to unlock FIFA zombies=SOCCERUNDEAD

Cheat to open cheat bar=whilst in game at Emirates Stadium playing with Arsenal against Dagenham and redbridge on semi-pro enter up up up up up down right right down up left left left right up up down down down left right right right up up down left. after you have done that wait until they have scored 12 goals.Then retype the code in and pause the game and a sign will appear which will tell you that you have unlock the cheat bar.


Cheat to unlock the Kinect version of Fifa 11=FOOTYINMOTIONWIVKINECT ps this cheat only works on ps3

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