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The multi-platform FIFA 99 was a well received soccer sports title. Opting for a more simulation-esque experience, the game featured 20 real-world stadiums to play in, as well as an obscene 250 clubs from 12 territories.


While the indoor mode was no longer featured, the gameplay's fluidity and responsiveness was increased. The increasing number of websites dedicated to the game and a larger number of leagues (which came to be a problem when the owners of the rights to the Portuguese League tried to pull the game from the shelves locally) ensured good sales. Graphically, it is a major improvement over FIFA '98, with the inclusion of basic facial animations and different players' heights as well as certain other cosmetic features such as improved kits and emblems, although they are unlicensed. Gamers may also create their own custom cups and leagues and select the teams they wish to play against. This game also had the feature of manually changing the ref's strictness, allowing major injuries and fouls to go unnoticed. Fatboy Slim's The Rockafeller Skank is the music used for the intro.

FIFA 99 also features an elite league called the 'European Super League' in which 20 top teams from across Europe battle it out in a league format.

This game boasts improved AI (Fakes and jukes) and moves like scissor kicks, headers, rainbow kicks, and more. When it was released, it was considered one of the best soccer/football games available.

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ContentTypeVideo Game +
DeveloperEA Sports +
DisplayNameFIFA 99 +
FeaturesSingle-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreAssociation Football +, Football + and Sports +
MediaN64 Cartridge +, CD-ROM + and PlayStation CD-ROM +
Microsoft Windows Release30 November 1998 +
NameFifa 1999 +
NamePageFIFA 99 +
NamesFifa 1999 + and FIFA 99 +
Nintendo 64 Release30 November 1998 +
North American Microsoft Windows Release30 November 1998 +
North American Nintendo 64 Release30 November 1998 +
North American PlayStation Release30 November 1998 +
North American Release30 November 1998 +
PageNameFIFA 99 +
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PlatformNintendo 64 +, Microsoft Windows + and PlayStation +
PlatformTypeConsole +, PC + and OS +
PlayStation Release30 November 1998 +
Players1-4 +
PublisherElectronic Arts +
RatingBodiesESRB +
RatingsESRB-E +
RegionNorth America +
StatusReleased +
Year1998 +

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