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Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi SSB4
Falco shoots first and asks questions later

Game Series Star Fox series
First Appearance Star Fox (1993)
Japanese Name: ファルコ・ランバルディ, Faruko Ranbarudi
Occupation: Star Fox (team)
Position: Pilot
Gender: Male
Creator(s): Shigeru Miyamoto
Voice Actor(s): Hisao Egawa (Japanese games)
Bill Johns (Star Fox 64
Ben Cullum (Star Fox Adventures)
Mike Madeoy (Star Fox: assault)

Falco Lombardi is a character in the Star Fox series and is usually abrasive about his team members but is always willing to help, or die trying some foolish stunt. He is also a character in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Falco's falcy sense told him to leave Star Fox when Fox McCloud went on a terribly un-fun mission to Dinosaur Planet. Falco felt sorry for Fox as he got his now-fluffy tail kicked by Andross in the final battle of Dinosaur Planet. Unfortunately, this resulted in him making a brief cameo to save the day, drop power ups, and do a barrel roll.


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