The Sword Coast North is home to some of the most noteworthy personalities of the Realms. Many won their fame with deeds of great honor, but others are known for the depths of their depravity and wickedness.

The officers of Neverwinter fall into the first camp. Lord Nasher Alagondar, Lady Aribeth de Dylmarande, Watchknight Desther Indelayne, and Abbot Fenthick Moss and celebrated for their kindness and wisdom, and each of these heroes has taken the safety of Neverwinter as her or her sacred duty.

On the more sinister side, the five High Captains of Luskan are some of the most cruel and ruthless warriors in the region. High Captains Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack, and Rethnor are each vicious combatants, and together they enforce their will with merciless efficiency.

The most powerful and feared spellcasters on the Sword Coast are members of the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan. Among their number are Jaluth Alaerth, Ornar of the Claw, and Deltagar Zulhund. Little is known of the Brotherhood's actual role in governing Luskan and the surrounding areas, and the members themselves are loath to discuss their activities.

The untamed lands outside the cities hold countless other instances of fame and infamy alike. King Obould Many-Arrows, for instance, reigns over his orc tribes with an iron fist, while such well-known rakes and ne'er-do-wells as Elaith 'The Serpent' Craulnober move constantly from hamlet to hamlet to avoid detection.

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