Feda: Emblem of Justice is a tactical role playing game developed by Yanoman and was released in 1994. The game centers around two soldiers forced to fight against the now-corrupted empire they used to serve.


Feda is a tactical role playing game. Much like Shining Force there are two forms of gameplay: exploration and battles. During the exploration stage you can explore towns and other locations and visit shops and houses. while on the other world map the game becomes turn based and you can move to an adjacent area or were the enemy units will do the same afterwards. battles are activated when you and an enemy unit occupy the same area or in scripted event. Feda was planned as the Shining Force for SNES, but never made it out of Japan. Same happened to its sequel "Feda 2 - White Surge the Platoon" for PSX and the earlier released FEDA: Remake for the Sega Saturn. Feda shares the same cinematic battle scenes as the Shining Force Series does. Depending on which character you use to act, the scene shows him in full picture or just a part of the character. Unlike in Shining Force where you always just see your character from behind and the enemy in front of him. Also in Feda the screen switches from your character to the enemy. But the most difference between Feda and Shining Force is, that you may choose your alignment - you can fight for law or chaos. This depends on how you finish a battle, like always just killing everyone makes you become chaos, but trying to find an alternative peaceful way of winning gets you law points. Deciding which way you choose also decides which characters you get. Beside your neutral characters whose always stay in your party, you can get different characters on law and chaos side. But changing the side will make them leave your party. The alignment system is done in ranked emblems - a neutral one and 4 chaos and 4 law ones, highest of them called Fedayenn Goddess of Justice.


Battles take place on a square grid where each unit occupies a single square. Battle is turn-based where during a character's turn, they can move a certain amount of squares, they may then perform an action such as attack or use items. When an attack action is used it goes into a fight animation and tells the player how much damage was given/received.