Fighter's Destiny is an N64 exclusive fighting game. The game borrows from other established fighting games, but also includes some sprinkles of originality. Among these is a point system, giving points for "takedowns" or other moves, kind of like amateur wrestling.

The game modes feature the standard exhibition and survival modes, except with the inclusion of a rodeo mode. The rodeo mode pits your fighter against a cow, where you must not be pushed out, but must not push out the cow. There is also a challenge mode that lets you win extra moves.

The characters include, but are not limited to: A Chinese girl, a robot, a ninja, a cow, a joker, an assassin and a Ryu look-a-like.

__FLAGS__ This game was released in 1998. For the time of its release it had fair graphics, It had a horrible rating in the US but was a smash hit in Austria(Fag Island)