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Fighter's History (ファイターズヒストリー?) is a series of fighting games developed and published by Data East.


  • Fighter's History (1993)
    Originally released as an arcade game. Also ported to the Super NES.
  • Fighter's History Dynamite (known in Europe as Karnov's Revenge) (March 17, 1994)
    Originally released for the Neo Geo. Also ported to the Neo-Geo CD, Sega Saturn and Virtual Console, respectively.
  • Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu (February 17, 1995)
    Released exclusively in Japan for the Super Famicom, and as an extra in the Sega Saturn port of Fighter's History Dynamite.


Fighter's History

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Fighter's History Dynamite/Karnov's Revenge

  • Template:Country data Kenya Zazie Muhaba (ザジィ・ムハバ?) - A fighter from Kenya seeking notoriety.
  • Template:Country data South Korea Liu Yungmie (柳 英美(リュウ・ヨンミー)?) - A young woman seeking revenge for the deaths of her parents at Karnov's hand.
  • Ox (オックス?) - Originated from the bonus stages of the arcade version of Data East's other fighting game, Karate Champ.

Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!


During the release of the first game in the series, it topped the Japanese arcade charts, due to having a smoother combo system and characters that are more unique compared to the ones in most other modern-fighting games that weren't as successful in sales. However, it later caused Capcom to notice it and start suing Data East due to what Capcom felt were infringements on their Street Fighter II property. Capcom lost the case on grounds that the copied elements were scenes a faire and thus excluded from copyright.[1] Data East's largest complaint in court was about their 1984 arcade game Karate Champ being the one that started it all in popularizing the fighting game genre.[2] Despite its controversy in court, the first Fighter's History arcade was an out-and-out success for Data East in Japan, but a flop outside of Japan. In 2003, Data East filed for bankruptcy and sold the Fighter's History franchise along with several other Data East titles to G-Mode.

Related releases

Outside of the Fighter's History series, Makoto Mizoguchi and Liu Yungmie later appeared as special guests in a Japan-exclusive semi-sequel to Data East's 1995 Water Margin-based fighting arcade game, Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty, titled as Suikoenbu Fuun Saiki. Five years after Data East went out of business while giving their video game rights to G-Mode, Paon, WorkJam and Crea-tech, SNK Playmore signed a deal with G-Mode to use their characters from the Fighter's History series in two SNK Playmore titles.[3] Makoto Mizoguchi became the only character from the Fighter's History series as a special guest character in KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A, an upgrade to KOF: Maximum Impact 2. A Japan-exclusive cell phone game specifically featuring the cast of Fatal Fury Special and Fighter's History Dynamite was also released named Garou Densetsu vs. Fighter's History Dynamite.[4] Makoto Mizoguchi also appeared in Joe & Mac Returns as one of the enemies in the game.

In the 1998 movie The Replacement Killers, a Fighter's History arcade cabinet appears along with several other arcades.[5]

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