29-second sample of "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" from the Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack.

Fair use in Discography of the Final Fantasy VII series

This is a sound sample from a commercial recording. Its inclusion here is claimed as fair use because:

  • it is used in an educational article about the soundtrack to convey the style and elements of the soundtrack's instrumental (MIDI) audio, which cannot be practically described in words alone;
  • it is the self-declared "main theme" for the video game Final Fantasy VII, and is therefore the most representative of the musical style used within the game; variants on the themes used in the track can be found in other tracks in the album;
  • it is a short sample of the theme, and could not be used as a substitute for the original commercial recording;
  • it is not replaceable with an uncopyrighted or freely copyrighted sample of comparable educational value; and
  • while the recording is © 1997 Square Co., Ltd (now part of Square Enix), it is believed that this sample will not affect the value of the original recording or soundtrack, or limit Square's rights or ability to distribute them.


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