Non-free media use rationale - WARNING: Characters of Final Fantasy XII does not appear to exist!
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Scan of the initial concept design of the Occuria.


Scan from the guidebook Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Omega


Characters of Final Fantasy XII

Portion used

A small portion of the commercial product.

Low resolution?


Purpose of use

To illustrate the development of the characters related in the game.


There is no free equivalent of this image, so the image cannot be replaced by a free image.

Other information

1. Square Enix has released no such images into the public domain, and a replacement image could not be created that would adequately provide the same information.

2. It is a low resolution screenshot of a video game.

3. It does not limit the copyright owner's rights to sell the video game in any way.

4. The image is being used solely for informative purposes, as it serves to illustrate the form in which the game takes place.


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