This image is a screenshot from Final Fantasy VII, an unofficial Famicom remake of the video game of the same name originally developed by Square (now Square Enix) and published on the PlayStation in 1997. The image portrays the character Cloud Strife encountering Tifa Lockhart (the speaker) in one of the game's cutscenes. Source: In-game screenshot taken by User:Kung Fu Man.

Non-free media use rationale - WARNING: Final Fantasy VII (Famicom) does not appear to exist!
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A cutscene in the "7th Heaven" bar from Final Fantasy VII, as represented in game.




Final Fantasy VII (Famicom)

Portion used


Low resolution?


Purpose of use

Illustrating recreation of ingame area between the original game and FFVII Famicom




Rationale for the fair use of this image in the article Final Fantasy VII (Famicom):

  • Square Enix has not released any such images to the public domain
  • The image is used to demonstrate the game's distinctive art style with relation to areas and dialogue; this is an important aspect of the game, as navigation from one location to another (the main means of story progression) is interspersed with many individual areas and characters to converse with.
  • The image is being used in an informative way and should not detract from the game
  • The image is a small, web-resolution image
  • The image is used to illustrate important characteristics of the game mentioned in the article, which conveys to the reader an idea of what they look like
  • The image's only purpose is to aid in the description of the fictional world of Final Fantasy VII, and for no other purpose
  • The image does not limit Square Enix's ability to sell the game

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