Non-free media use rationale for Final Fantasy III

A screenshot from the original NES version of Final Fantasy III. This image illustrates how the interface displays battle messages, such as "Miss!" and "Confused", in windows within the bottom text portion of the screen, as with earlier titles in the series. Also, the interface displays sprites, such as "Miss!!" or status effect graphics, over the character sprites in the top animated portion of the screen, as with later titles in the series.


Screen capture from Mednafen, a free and open source emulator.


Final Fantasy III

Portion used

A single screenshot from a complete game.

Low resolution?

Lower resolution would obscure a small, important detail in this image.

Purpose of use

To illustrate the work that is the subject of the article, in particular, the evolution of the graphic interface over the titles of the series.


No free substitute is believed to exist.

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