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Non-free media use rationale - WARNING: Health (gaming) does not appear to exist!
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Screenshot from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past videogame. Copyright Nintendo


[1] (self edited by User:johnnyfog)


Health (gaming)

Portion used

Few images of the work in question are included in the article. Because this is a low-resolution screenshot, the probability of unlawful distribution is minimal

Low resolution?

167px size unsuitable for unlawful distribution

Purpose of use

~This screenshot is an example of icon-based health systems in videogames.
~Nintendo has not released such images into the public domain.
~This image is included in an informative way, and should not detract from the game.
~It is a low quality, web-resolution image.
~The only purpose for the inclusion of this image is to convey to the reader what the game looks like.

~This image does not limit Nintendo's ability to sell the game.



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