The timeline of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, provided by Square Enix's official guide book, Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Omega. Translation is as follows:

Final Fantasy XII History (brown)

  • 1st Upper Box: Unknown Era - The Occuria reside in Giruvegan.
  • 2nd Upper Box: Old Valendia 1 - Establishment of the Galtean Federation.
  • 3rd Upper Box: Old Valendia 394 - The Galtean Federation breaks apart.
  • 4th Upper Box: Old Valendia 706 - Final Fantasy XII takes place.
  • 5th Upper Box: Several decades after Old Valendia 706 - Female St Ajora establishes a new religion.

Grey box: Possibility of them being the same person?

Final Fantasy Tactics History (blue)

  • 1st Lower Box: Unknown Era - 12 Knights kills a demon, and rescues Ivalice.
  • 2nd Lower Box: 1200 years before the Middle Ages - St Ajora establishes the Glabados religion.
  • 3rd Lower Box: Unknown Era - A catastrophe befalls the civilization at this age.
  • 4th Lower Box: Middle Ages - Final Fantasy Tactics takes place.


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This image explains the timeline of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics as stated in the Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Omega, an official informative source for the game.


This scan was made by Bluerfn, who owns a copy of the book. Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Omega is copyright to Square Enix.



Portion used
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The image is a small, web-resolution image.

Purpose of use

The image is being used in an informative way and should not detract from the game. The image's only purpose it to aid in the description of the fictional world of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, Ivalice, and for no other purpose. The image does not limit Square Enix's ability to sell the game nor the book.


Square Enix has not released any such images to the public domain. However, it may be possible for a user to make his own timeline with the same info


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