Kee Games registered mark, as used by Atari after 1974.

Fair use media rationale for non-free logo used in Kee Games
Used for article Kee Games
Purpose The change between Image:KeeGames.png and Image:KeeGames after1974.png is discussed in the text, and is directly related to the key point of the text — that Kee Games was originally "undercover", but once the relationship became known, Kee began explicitly acknowledging their relationship in all printed material, up to and including their branded logo.

At the same time, it helps readers to identify the brand Kee Games.

Replaceable? The image is not replaceable. No free image could clearly demonstrate the extent to which Kee Games began to publicly acknowledge their relationship, since all Kee Games publications were non-free.
Low resolution? The logo is a size and resolution sufficient to maintain the quality intended by the company or organization, without being unnecessarily high resolution.
Proportion used As with most logos, the entire work is used.
Other information It is a historically relevant logo that is no longer used.


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