The title screen of the TV series


Legend of Zelda:The Complete Animated Series DVDs




The Legend of Zelda and all characters are owned by Nintendo.

(Reusing this file)

The display of TV screenshots for non-profit purposes has so far been allowed by Nintendo as long as proper credit is given.

Fair use rationale

Rationale for the fair use of this image in the article The Legend of Zelda (TV series)

  1. DIC Entertainment has not released any screenshots to the public domain.
  2. The image is used to demonstrate the show's distinctive graphical style.
  3. The image is being used in an informative way and should not detract from the show.
  4. The image does not limit DIC Entertainment's ability to sell any products related to the show.
  5. The Legend of Zelda has been released for public purposes, and therefore, the screenshot is intended for wide distribution.

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