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Introduction of Mitsumete Knight R : Daibouken Hen, on Playstation 1.

This video contains the anime opening of the game, and the first few minutes of a New Game (truncated at one point, because there was a lot of chit-chat in Japanese, which would bore viewers who can't understand that language).

This game is the second and last game in the Mitsumete Knight franchise, created in cooperation by Konami (of Tokimeki Memorial fame) and Red Company (of Sakura Taisen fame).

Mitsumete Knight R : Daibouken Hen is not a sequel of Mitsumete Knight ; actually, it's an alternate universe. Nearly all characters of the original game are there, and their personnalities are overall the same, but the setting is totally different. Also, this game is not a Dating Sim, but a RPG (with Dating Sim elements ; so, while Mitsumete Knight was akin to Tokimeki Memorial, Mitsumete Knight R bears more resemblance with Sakura Taisen).

In this game, you're playing as Christopher MacLeod (the name can be changed to one you like best, but this name is the default one), the Captain of the Royal Guard of the powerful Orcadia Kingdom. As you get promoted by your General, news that the King got poisoned by the terrorist group O2 (short for "The Opposition to Orcadia"). The only way to cure him, is to find a mysterious item called the "Tear of The Star". Thus starts MacLeod's journey, in which he'll go with 2 of the 5 girls predicted to help him in his quest.

This is a standard RPG where you'll have to travel the world, go to towns and dungeons, find items and level grind. At the start of your quest, you'll have to choose which two of the five available girls will go with you. Since each girl have different relationships (for example, Sophia and Lesley are good friends, while Hanna and Linda hate each other's guts), you'll have to be careful when answering to the girls' questions, as that will have an effect on your relationship with them. It's important as having a certain degree of relationship with them unlock specific Events, have an effect on the Ending, and allows you to gain powerul Special Attacks during battle.

This is a nice little game with TONS of replayability. Actually, the game's epilogue consists of 3 main branches, and you won't be able to see some of the branches until your 2nd and 3rd playthrough (after the 3rd, you'll be able to choose the branch you want to go, but be sure to get the item needed at the very beginning of the game if you want to go at one of the specific branches), so the ending will probably never be the same on each run, especially if you aim for a specific girl ending ; also, there's the Clothes Gallery to complete, and you'll need no less than TEN playthroughs to get it to 100% !!

For those who are curious, or liked the intro's tune, its name is "Kimi to Deaete" (キミと出会えて), and its singer is Hiroko Konishi (aka Sophia's voice actor).

Enjoy the video ! :)

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