Template:Createdwith Vectorization of File:Zeldalogowhite.PNG. First converted with Vector Magic, then optimised paths by hand in Inkscape.


Fair use Rationale

Non-free media use rationale for The Legend of Zelda (series)

Logo of The Legend of Zelda (series).


Somewhat derivative work of File:Zeldalogowhite.PNG.


The Legend of Zelda (series)

Portion used

Whole logo used to avoid misrepresenting brand image.

Low resolution?

Logo was selected in order to maintain the quality intended, without being unnecessarily high resolution.

Purpose of use

Identification and critical commentary in The Legend of Zelda (series) article, a subject of public interest. The logo confirms to readers they have reached the correct article, and illustrates the intended branding message.


Logo is protected by copyright and trademark, therefore a free use alternative won't exist.

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