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The following is a list of weapons in Final Fantasy IV.


Dark swords

Only the Dark Knight Cecil can equip these. They are the only weapons the Dark Knight Cecil can equip.

  • Shadow Sword
  • Darkness Sword
  • Black (Deathbringer)

Light swords

Only the Paladin Cecil can equip these.

  • Light Sword (Sword of Legends)
  • Crystal Sword (Ragnarok)

Other swords

Both Cecil and Kain can equip these.

  • Ancient Sword
  • Coral Sword (FFIV Easytype only)
  • Silver Sword
  • Fire Sword (Flame Saber)
  • Ice Brand
  • Slumber Sword
  • Medusa Sword
  • Avenger Sword
  • Defense Sword
  • Piggy Stick (GBA only)
  • Flandango (GBA only)
  • Caliburn (GBA only)


Only Kain can equip spears.

  • Spear
  • Wind Spear
  • Flame Spear
  • Blizzard Spear
  • Drain Spear
  • Gungnir
  • White Spear/Holy Lance
  • Dragoon Spear/Wyvern Lance
  • Abel Lance(FFIV-A)


Both Cecil and Kain can equip these.

  • Dwarf Axe
  • Ogre Axe
  • Poison Axe
  • Rune Axe
  • Gigant Axe


Cecil, Rydia, Edward, Rosa, Palom, Porom, and Cid can equip these.

  • ShortBow
  • CrossBow
  • GreatBow
  • Archer
  • ElvenBow
  • Samurai/Yoichi Bow
  • Artemis Bow
  • Perseus Bow (FFIV-A)


  • Iron Arrows
  • White Arrows
  • Fire Arrows
  • Ice Arrows
  • Lit Arrows
  • Darkness Arrows
  • Medusa Arrows
  • Poison Arrows
  • Mute Arrows
  • Charm Arrows
  • Samurai/Yoichi Arrows
  • Artemis Arrows
  • Perseus Arrows (FFIV-A)


Only adult Rydia can equip these.

  • Whip
  • Chain Whip
  • Blitz Whip
  • Flame Whip
  • Dragon Whip
  • Mist Whip (FFIV-A)


Eqippable by Cecil, Kain, young Rydia, Palom and Cid.

  • Silver Dagger/Mythril Knife
  • Dancing Dagger
  • Mage Masher
  • Triton's Dagger (FFIV-A, Palom only)
  • Assassin's Dagger (FFIV-A)


Only Edge can equip these.

  • Short/Kunai
  • Middle/Ahura
  • Long/Koketsu
  • Ninja/Kikuichimonji
  • Murasame
  • Masamune
  • Sasuke's Katana (FFIV-A)
  • Mutsonokami (FFIV-A)


Only Edge can equip these.

  • Boomerang
  • Full Moon
  • Rising Sun (FFIV-A)


Both Edge and Yang can equip these.

  • Fire Claw
  • Ice Claw
  • Thunder Claw
  • Fairy Claw
  • Poison/Hell Claw
  • Cat Claw (sleep)
  • Hand of the Gods (GBA Only; Yang Only)
  • Dragon Claw (GBA Only, Yang Only)
  • Tiger Fang (GBA only, Yang Only)


Only Cid can equip these.

  • Wooden Hammer
  • Silver Hammer
  • Earth/Gaia Hammer
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Fiery Hammer (FFIV-A)


Rydia, Tellah, Palom, and FuSoYa can equip these.

  • Rod
  • Ice Rod
  • Flame Rod
  • Thunder Rod
  • Change Rod
  • Charm Rod
  • Lilith Rod
  • Stardust Rod
  • Asura Rod (FFIV-A, Palom only)


Cecil, Tellah, Rosa, Porom, and FuSoYa can equip these. Rydia can also equip them as a child.

  • Staff
  • Cure Staff
  • Silver Staff/Mythril Staff
  • Lunar Staff
  • Life Staff
  • Silence Staff
  • Seraphim's Mace (FFIV-A, Porom only)
  • Nirvana (FFIV-A, Porom only)


Only Edward can equip these.

  • Dream Harp
  • Lamia Harp
  • Apollo's Harp (FFIV-A)
  • Requiem Harp (FFIV-A)
  • Loki's Lute (FFIV-A)

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