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Final Fantasy VIII was the second Final Fantasy series game developed for the PlayStation. The magic system was significantly altered from previous iterations to the innovative Junction System, which involved assigning Guardian Forces (GFs) to each character and collecting magic by drawing it out of encountered monsters. In 2013, Final Fantasy VIII was released via Steam for Microsoft Windows, including achievement and cloud saving support.

Criticism of Steam Release

The game released on Steam was a direct port of the original PC release of Final Fantasy VIII for Microsoft Windows. However, currently, the music playback support is limited to MIDI-quality music, rather than the MP3-quality music that Final Fantasy VII was patched to support for that game's Steam and PlayStation 4 releases. However, the player can use a third-party modification, such as Roses and Wine, to enable MP3-quality sound support, including the option to swap out various individual music pieces for other renditions by other orchestras. Using the Roses and Wine mod does not affect the ability of the player to unlock Steam Achievements.

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