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This game never came out in North America.

The 2nd Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Gaiden is a side story to the original Fire Emblem: Darkness Dragon and Sword of Light. It was the last Fire Emblem game on the Famicom. It stars Alm and Celica. Alm and Celica knew each other since they were children. They each run a separate army. Alm's party is usually larger and stronger than Celica's party. Several characters, including Paola, from the original Fire Emblem made a comeback in Fire Emblem Gaiden.

The game takes place in the continent of Valencia, over a span of 5 "Chapters". As each "Chapter" unfolds more of the map is revealed, for players to traverse on. There are two kingdoms: Rigel and Sofia. Alm doesn't know at first, but he is later revealed to be the Prince of Rigel (Rudolf I's son). Celica is the Princess of Sofia, and she also appears to be a priestess of Mira, a goddess. Fire Emblem gaiden was the first Fire Emblem game where the two "Lords" or heroes could actually promote. Alm's starting class is Fighter and he promotes into a Hero. Celica is a priestess and she promotes into a Princess.

It should be noted however that some of the Gaiden gameplay mechanisms have finally made a proper comeback in the most recent Game Boy Advance game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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